Admit 3 Movie Marathon

Acrylic on Canvas by Karen Elzinga

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Admit 3 Movie Marathon


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Acrylic on Canvas
Stretched, Ready to Hang
Painting size is 185 x 97 cm

In stock

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Artwork Description

‘Admit 3 Movie Marathon’ by Karen Elzinga

Admit 3 Movie Marathon is the 3rd painting in the theme of bringing together various movie and tv characters. The hugely popular paintings are fun, vibrant, colourful and entertaining and will have your visitors engaged tracking down and naming the various characters involved.

The painting encases the overall theme of movie aliens invading. So the top half of the painting has the spaceship from Independence Day firing down a fire ball onto the castle from the movie Frozen. You will see green martians and the tripods from War of the Worlds. Across the top of the painting as they start the invasion.

The texture of this painting is the most amazing part, the paint surface has been subtracted after being painted and etched back to achieve the scratchy appeal of an old film reel. If you want something totally original thEn this painting will do it.

Acrylic on heavy duty canvas, 185 x 97 cm, stretched, ready to hang.

Artwork Dimenisons

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 185 × 97 × 4 cm
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