Land and Ocean Unite

Acrylic on Canvas by Karen Elzinga

Land and Ocean Unite



Acrylic on Canvas
Stretched, Ready to Hang
Painting size is 210 x 145 cm


Artwork Description

‘Land and Ocean Unite’ by Karen Elzinga

The story behind this painting comes from the connection of land and water, the excitement of a city environment that is surrounded by nature and the sea.

The black ladder signifies the link between them. As humans we must be connected to something bigger than ourselves. The ocean surrounds the city embracing it like a big hug, but also showing its might and power in what lies beneath it.

Life below the ocean can be magical, mysterious, unique, fresh and bewildering, just as that above the ocean can be. But it is the link between that makes it so special.

This painting focuses on capturing the excitement of both environments, focusing on that holiday feel, the happiness, the joy, the intrigue of wanting to be close to the ocean.

Acrylic on heavy duty canvas, 210 x 145 cm, stretched, ready to hang.

Artwork Dimenisons

Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 210 × 145 × 5 cm
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