The Berkeley

Oil on Aluminium by Suzy French

The Berkeley



Oil on Aluminium
Painting size is 120 x 240 cm


Artwork Description

From the heart of the Kimberley to the Timor Sea she snakes her way across the country. Chasm walls up to 100 meters high stand sentry by her side and guide her path, still waters run deep reflecting her companion…. This is the Kimberley.

The Aluminium glow dances beneath the surface of the paint and shimmers through the negative space.

Oil on Aluminium, 60 x 120 cm, ready to hang.

The Process

“The Berkeley is the largest single painting I have undertaken.  The shimmering sheet of Aluminium sat prepped for many months whilst I struggled with the enormity of the project.  The canvas was huge and so deserved to be graced with a scene of grandeur, fortunately this is what the Kimberley is all about.

The ‘workup’ to the painting was methodical, paving the way for me to brave the moment I pushed paint onto this slick surface.  I am thrilled with the final result and I hope it re-ignites the joy of being in this magnificent country for those lucky to have had the experience, or tweaks the urge to travel for those who haven’t.

With thanks to the Australian Geographic for allowing me to use their photo as reference for this painting.

​Please enjoy the video clip below of The Berkeley in all her glory.

Artwork Dimenisons

Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 120 × 240 × 2 cm
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