Hi, my name is Ann Neagle.  I have been an artist for 10 years.  I have always enjoyed colour, shapes and texture in abstract paintings.  I love nature and the shapes and colours that occur within it.

I have studied at the Adelaide Central School of Art for 2 years and spent some time with a wonderful local artist, Louise Fennelly.  Through Louise’s teaching, I learned that all paintings can be seen as a collection of abstract shapes.

Recently I was fortunate enough to do an online course with Nicholas Wilton called Art2Life.  This was a wonderful course, and I am sure that it has strengthened my art making.

I paint in my studio, which is a converted garage.  It is less space than I would like, but I have fun painting, and it’s something that I look forward to doing every day.  One of the things that I never do when I paint is have a specific plan or preconceived idea about the progress of the painting .

I paint intuitively.  Most of my paintings have at least 6 layers of paint on them.  I feel that this gives them history and texture.  I scribble, draw, use pencils, pens, pastels, collage and paint on all layers. The painting tells me when it is finished.

My paintings are a reflection of me, my soul, and if I didn’t paint, these paintings would not be here for you to hopefully enjoy. They are my gift to you.

A selection of Ann’s work