Project Description

Although art has always been a constant in Terry Keyt’s life, her career focused on the teaching of art to children and adults. She has a Graduate Diploma in Art Education and a Diploma in Transpersonal Art Therapy. She has also written and published several environmental education books for children and educators.

Terry spent several years painting Mandalas as a means of exploring the inner and outer worlds of self. She also facilitated workshops so that others could experience expression through this art form.

She moved to rural New South Wales 16 years ago. She spent seven of those years operating a family framing business and gallery. During this time the gallery was the main exhibition venue for her artwork.

Her lifestyle on acreage near Pambula has engendered a deep respect and love for the rawness, strength and beauty of nature. The bush land and its wildlife on the property gives her much joy and inspiration.

She has also gained a greater understanding of the issues relating to human impact such as logging in the surrounding state forest, fox related mange in wombats and the culling of kangaroos on adjoining properties.

Terry is a self taught artist and her current work expresses her concern for the degradation of the natural environment and the alarming rate of wildlife extinctions. Her art has a sense of immediacy in its expression of the issues associated with humanity’s increasing population and relentless upheaval of nature’s balance in pursuit of needs and wants.

Surrealism and symbolism are major aspects of Terry’s work and she has been greatly inspired by the surrealist artists Salvador Dali and Georgia de Chirico.
Over the last five years art has become a major focus in Terry’s life.

She lives with her partner on their 350 acre property surrounded by State Forest and National Parks. Sick and injured animals are rescued and all wildlife are protected and roam freely on the property.

Recent Exhibitions

2019 – Group Exhibition, Mallacoota Art Space, Mallacoota, Victoria
2018 – Group Exhibition, Mallacoota Art Space, Mallacoota, Victoria
2017 – Group Exhibition, Mallacoota Art Space, Mallacoota, Victoria
2017 – Group Exhibition, Artessence Gallery, Pambula, NSW
2016 – Group Exhibition, Camberwell Art Show, Swinburne University, Victoria
2016 – Group Exhibition, Art Red Hill, Red Hill, Victoria
2006 to 2013 – Group Exhibitions, Artessence Gallery, Pambula, NSW

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