Valentyna’s contemporary impressionist style captures the emotion of every landscape scene by embracing the effects of the changing light, atmosphere and the sensation of moving air. She is a landscape painter, committed to her art and the people who appreciate it.

Valentyna’s professional training began at the Samokish College of Fine Arts in Crimea, Ukraine  – one of the oldest academic art schools in the former USSR.

Valentyna’s classical background and her deep knowledge of art history permeate her art. And yet, her work exudes freedom, vibrancy of colour, translucency of light and the crispness of Canberra air.

Valentyna is an intrinsically Australian artist, who transposes the techniques and knowledge she absorbed in a very different place to the context of nature, history and social fabric of Australia.

She is an artist of great diversity and depth. Some of her works take us back to the exuberance of the French fauves or the harmonious geometry of Cezanne, yet others are contemporary, fresh and unexpected.

“I have long had the purpose to bring light and beauty to this world. My goal is to put focus onto the positive and lovely parts of life thus uplifting and inspiring as many people as possible. With this in mind, I want to take a moment to inject some extra colour and aesthetics into your day.” – Valentyna Crane.

A selection of Valentyna’s work