Glenn Brady…born 1966 Brisbane.

Grew up on the north side of the city in a bland suburb.

That was one half post-war houses and the other half a large industrial estate.

Three churches, 2 schools, an RSL ,fish‘n chip shop, bakery etc.

But it was my world as a kid and i spent many, many days wandering around the old rusted orange/red galvanised iron sheds and factories that sat abandoned next to the rail line.

And after being introduced to art via a Henry Lawson poetry book illustrated by Pro Hart, I wanted to paint.

Before that all I wanted to be was a rugby league player or join the army like my parents wanted me to.

But something woke up in me with colour…

Grey tar streets…dried grass…bright blue sky with rusted metal machinery, jacarandas and poincianas, backyard mango trees, flowers and power poles with magpies sitting on the lines.

Simple things which I still enjoy to this day.

Refused entry into art college twice.

Problems with depression, anxiety.

Music, crazy people, hospitals, shock treatment, anger, regret, fear, joy,


Recent Exhibitions

2014 – 3 painters show, Pinto Gallery, West-End Brisbane
2014 – Finalist at Tweed Heads Regional Gallery
2015 – Cover artwork for book ‘Tales from the Madhouse’
2016 – Solo show, Henderson Gallery, Brisbane Australia
2018 – Album cover art for Hap Hathaway.
2018 – T-shirt artwork for Blowhard
2018 – T-shirt artwork for Spray the Wall
2018 – Album artwork for Sabrina Lawries ‘poppies’

A selection of Glenn’s work