Inspired by the waters around her, Petra is an Australian artist who creates mixed media works in her coastal studio.

She rarely follows conventional art methods and has developed techniques that creates different effects to closely resemble reef and ocean like formations. The texture is the exposed reef and rocks, the water is the liquid paint, the spray bottle is the force of nature like rain, the hairdryer is the wind, the blowtorch is the sun, the gravity (tilting the board this way and that) is the tide. She is forever experimenting with different methods and tools, forever learning.


In addition to paint brushes, Petra uses her hands, air guns, spray bottles, a blow torch, and gravity. Typically working in large formats, the artist “sculpts” her paintings, starting with a board upon which she layers various materials.

The results of mixing media, with chemistry between pigments creating dynamic compositions as they attract and repel, resulting in beautiful formations. Each work could have several layers, starting with the original layer of poured into place paint.

In a collaboration with Banu Banu retreat, Petra is currently working on a series of works on Bremer Island, presenting this work in an Exhibition in Melbourne in Dec 2022.

2022 – Collector’s Edition/ Melbourne, Australia
2021 – Summer Exhibition / Art Lovers Australia – Southport, Australia
2021 – Honour Her online auction – Australia
2021 – University of New South Wales -IGEM / – Sydney, Australia
2021 – Stockroom Exhibition / Art Lovers Australia Gallery – Southport, QLD Australia
2019 – Revealed / TBC Gallery Gold Coast – Queensland, Australia

– Bremer Island – 2121 East Arnhem Land, Australia.
– Ha’apai – 2019 – Foa Island, Kingdom of Tonga.
– Fitzroy Island – 2019 FNQ Australia.
– Nala Nala Game Reserve – 1996 Hluhluwe -KwaZulu- Natal, South Africa.

A selection of Petra’s work