Karen Elzinga is a professional acrylic painter living on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. She studied a double major degree in Fine Art and Visual Culture from Curtin University of Design, Western Australia in 2012.

Primarily an abstract landscape painter, she paints the things that make her happy and can get bored very quickly. This has led to her distinctive style of work dominated by vibrant colours, shapes, patterns and textures.

Her subject matter encompasses beach side settings to mashups of popular movies past and present as well as producing the odd abstract and pop art piece.

Karen enjoys the easy going nature of the beach and is inspired by the fleeting freedom and excitement that the beach offers. Living on the Sunshine Coast provides an abundance of  locations to draw inspiration from.

Her large scale paintings are often mash-ups intertwining the land, beach and underwater environments with intricate detail so the viewer continues to discover new details and objects, even after repeated viewings. She sees her work as a treasure trove, it just keeps on giving and rewarding the viewer with new goodies.

The colours she chooses are strong and bold, enhanced by using opaque acrylic paints and a layered painting style.

A selection of Karens’s work