The Kimberley…….. colour, isolation, extremes, this is the country my soul resonates with.
As a landscape artist I reconnect with country frequently in order to create.
I walk her coast, float in the azure waters, climb layers of ancient, warm, red rock and sleep in a swag under the gaze of a million stars.

I aim to show the value of time spent in the natural world to the human spirit. I seek to ignite a memory for those who have been here before or tweak the desire to travel for those yet to walk the pindan earth.

I work in oil paint on both canvas and aluminium panels.
The aluminium offers a point of difference being that they are representational landscapes with a contemporary edge, the use of negative space and lighting allows the shimmering sub-straight to glow through giving the impression the works are lit from within. difficult to photograph, they need to be experienced.

When working the land, I work wet into wet, scratching though the paint to give another dimension to the natural elements and allowing flow with paint pours. At sea I will lay glazes to give depth of the ocean and an optical mix of colour. I also enjoy the change of pace when working with oils on Aluminium, I love to let paint slide and the silver of the Ali to glow through.

Painting is a time of stillness of mind for me; the music is loud and as I stand at the easel the world around me drops away and the meditative process begins.


Studied Art under:
Gweyn Russel
Jean Elizovinch
Mark Karalovich

Solo Exhibitions

2018 – For the Love of Country – Hawthorn Studio Gallery, Hawthorn, Victoria
2017 – Big wall exhibition – Artopia Gallery Kununurra
2015 – ‘Kalamunda to the Kimberley’, ZigZag Gallery, Kalamunda
2012 – ‘Return to Derby’, Norval Gallery, Derby
2011 -“strength of Spirit’, Pearl Luggers, Broome

A selection of Suzy’s work